Naloxone Basics

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Naloxone Saves Lives

Co-prescribing Naloxone is a universal precaution and one the crucial steps in becoming a life saver.

A 2015 study by Case and Deaton demonstrated that middle-aged white Americans have worsening mortality since 2000 as compared to people from other countries where they show yearly improvements. Opioid overdoses are the main culprit for the worsening mortality rate.

Opioid overdoses cost over $20 billion to society.

Watch this short video on Naloxone Basics

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View this Provider Infographic on “Naloxone Prescribing Basics”

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Watch “How To” Videos on Naloxone Administration 

Intra-nasal-Video running time 3:16 minutes

IM-Video running time 3:21 minutes


Review Patient Handout for Naloxone Teaching 

How to Spot an Overdose

Opioid_Overdose (1).pdf

Additional Training and Resources for Providers on Naloxone: 

Stop The Clock Colorado (Links to an external site.)

Mobile App to Assist Patients in the Event of an Overdose (Links to an external site.)

Prescribe to Prevent (Links to an external site.)

Additional Patient Education Handouts 

IM Picture

Naloxone-Patient instructions Intranasal.pdf

IN Picture

Naloxone Patient IM info sheet.pdf